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Audience Poll Participation

What is the audience poll?

In LIMITS Battles, the winner is decided by the judges and by audience poll.
The judges will determine their vote according to the judging criteria, and the audience will vote for the artist that amazes them, or they like the best.

The audience poll has a major impact on the winner. Your vote may decide the winner!


How to Participate

1. First, register for an account and log in!

Click on the LOGIN icon at the top of the LIMITS official website.
Login or register a new account.

What you need ► A LINE / Twitter / Facebook / Google account OR a separate email address


2. Watch the Battle on the Event page

When the livestream starts, the event will appear on the top page of the LIMITS Official Website.
Tap the "Audience Poll" button on the top page and you will be taken to the Battle page.
From there, you can watch the Battle and vote for your favorite contestant. 


3. Tap the icon and vote!

10 minutes after the Battle begins, tap the refresh button

Voting starts 10 minutes after the Battle begins!
On the Battle page, tap the icon of the player you want to vote for and your vote will be submitted.

You may change your vote as many times as you like until 2 minutes after the voting period ends.


Voting Period

Audience voting begins 10 minutes after the Battle starts and concludes 2 minutes after the Battle ends. Don't forget to cast your vote!


Voting Gauge

The progress of the audience poll will be reflected in the "Voting Gauge" in real time. The contestants can look at the gauge and be encouraged or use it as an indicator of their performance.