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Osaka, Japan

アーティスト名 ▶︎ ktym (ケイティワイエム)
連絡先 ▶︎ ktym1107yuki@gmail.com
使用ツール ▶︎ Procreate / CLIP STUDIO PAINT / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator
職業 ▶︎ イラストレーター / デザイナー
活動 ▶︎

Artist name ▶ ktym (Katie Wyem)
Contact ▶ ktym1107g@gmail.com
Tools use ▶ Procreate / Photoshop
Occupation ▶ Illustrator / Designer
From ▶, Osaka
Sakukaze ▶
There was a time when I was drawing only the character parts single-mindedly, and i am good at character illustrations.
I want to express myself comfortably, so I'm trying to express various things, such as color and touch.
Achievements ▶
While working on a wide range of freelance activities, including book illustrations, advertising cartoons, event visual creation, and product illustrations and design creation, he is also studying expressions within a 20-minute time limit, including YouTubers, artist training, and human limits, as a limit instructor.
Enthusiasm for Remitz ▶
At Limits, I met myself i had never known before, sweated, worked hard, and felt frustrated, and i learned that it was more fun than that.
When you get into the process of feeling, you feel like you're running around in a picture as your expression bursts out of the theme and time limits, and your hands move without permission.
I want other artists to experience it, and I want to convey the fun to more people.
With that in my thoughts, I continue to play limits.
Points you want to see ▶
It's so easy when you're drawing people, look and see! It becomes a feeling.
I'm also studying concept art because I want to express the depth of the scene well, so I want you to feel the feeling of the atmosphere.


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